Airport Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh Airport Guide

Ho Chi Minh Airport Guide

Ho Chi Minh is the top city in Vietnam with high historical background. If you are planning to have some fun on your vacations abroad or long destinations from your hometown? then this is the ideal time to visit Vietnam which is surrounded by nature and amazing constructions.

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Airport Guide

Tân Sơn Nhất International airdrome is that the busiest airdrome in Vietnam with thirty two.5 million passengers in 2016, and with thirty eight.5 million passengers in 2018 serving atomic number 67 Chi Minh town further because of the remainder of southeastern Vietnam.

Notice the foremost vital info regarding the atomic number 67 Chi Minh Airport: Flights, Departures, Arrivals, Parking, automotive Rentals, Hotels close to the airdrome and alternative info regarding Tan Son Nhat International airdrome (SGN). arrange your jaunt atomic number 67 Chi Minh airdrome with the knowledge provided during this guide.

Ho Chi Minh airdrome is found seven kilometers from atomic number 67 Chi Minh city center. atomic number 67 Chi Minh airdrome is found seven kilometers from atomic number 67 Chi Minh city center. Tan Son Nhat airdrome is that the main airdrome serving atomic number 67 Chi Minh town.

Other Benefits

ho chi minhHo Chi Minh field counts with the subsequent transportation choices inside its facilities:

  • Bus: 3 bus routes transfer passengers to town center terribly handily.
  • Taxi: The trip to downtown by taxi takes a half-hour.
  • Car rental: To rent an automotive in Ho Chi Minh town turns to be an excellent choice!
  • Find the most suitable choice for our computer program.

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Ho Chi Minh International field offers to passengers a number of the services and facilities displayed below:

  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange
  • Car rental offices
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Restaurants and cafés

To help you intend your stop or long occasion, here could be a fast run-down of what travelers have reportable to the USA throughout their time at Ho Chi Minh town field.

What to Expect

  • airport ho chi minhThere area unit 2 terminals, a world and a domestic. T1 has been fairly recently restored and is mostly nicer than T2’s facilities.
  • Recent enhancements have created security lines higher than the past, and therefore the workers don’t differ with long guests.
  • Flights depart round the clock, therefore travelers area unit around all night.
  • Restaurants were reachable at 11 pm.
  • Free WiFi is accessible. See WiFi within the field guide below.
  • Economy category travelers should buy a pass to one or two field lounges; one has showers out there. See field Lounges within the field guide below for location and hours.
  • Where to Sleep
  • Landside within the International Terminal has the foremost area for sleeping. the primary floor doesn’t have a lot of seating however it’s quiet. The third floor’s Wellwishers Gallery has way more seating and looks that several travelers long during this space – it’s noisier tho’ (Trvthseeker, March 2013).
  • There is a sleep zone within the International terminal with sleep chairs and paid sleep pods. See Rest Zones within the field guide below.
  • Once cafes and restaurants shut, travelers had success moving chairs and benches around for lighter resting – some even saw field workers doing this too.
  • The field is hot and therefore the cooling looks weak.
  • For uninterrupted sleep, their area unit hotels close to the field that give field transportation. See field Hotels within the field guide below for a lot of information.

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Final Words

I hope this Ho Chi Minh airport guide will help you to travel through Vietnam to the airport. To book your tickets simply visit our site to get the latest price. We value our customer; therefore, we always have a bundle of joy along with the tickets. Stay tuned with for more pieces of information and guides. Have a happy journey.