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Thailand is our favorite country within the world and here’s our list of ten reasons why we tend to like it most. Compiled by a disparate bunch of expats with quite a period of time of expertise within the country, we’re barefacedly beating the drum to inform you many of the explanations why we’ve got such an affinity with the Kingdom of Thailand, its people, its culture and why every people set to not come back once more.

Disclaimer: We do not voice communication Kingdom of Thailand is perfect; so, it’s several problems to figure through and overcome, similar to the other country. this can be our decision to tell you all the nice things concerning Thailand that we tend to simply can’t notice reception.

Best 10 Things


Thailand is understood as an inexpensive country, and it’s true that necessities like accommodation and food may be found at extremely low costs. On the opposite finish of the size, there’s lots of swank villas, overpriced looking boutiques, and unimaginable restaurants during which to splurge your money. From packing on a shoestring to unchecked luxury living, you’ll be able to have intercourse bushed Thailand.


Thailand’s food wants very little introduction. From metropolis to Sukhothai, its profuseness of exotic flavors and fragrances create it among the foremost desired of international cuisines. As a practice capital of Thailand forcefully reminds, these flavors and fragrances square measure ostensibly inexhaustible.

However, whether or not or not it’s juicy items of grilled pork on a stick or a fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup, we tend to all ought to begin somewhere. And what higher place than our fastidiously selected prime ten of Thai Food, that spans everything from staple packer favorites to Thai classics. Once you’ve tried all of them, please vote for the one that basically excited your style buds


The tropical Kingdom of Thailand is endued with the weather throughout the year. The climate may be roughly split into 3 seasons:

From Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month, the weather is heat and dry; March to might gets extremely hot, with higher humidity; and,

June to Gregorian calendar month sees a lot of unsettled weather, once the rain and cloudy periods square measure a lot of common, however, it’s still fine most of the time.

place it this way: I’ve ne’er had to have confidence in what to wear just in case it gets chilly later!

Varieties of fruits

If you’re from a lot of temperate climates, the vary and costs of fruits in Thailand’s markets square measure merely unimaginable. From the first-timers favorite – mango – to a lot of exotic selections like longans, jackfruit, sapodilla, rambutan, mangosteen, papaya, pomelo, dish apple and even the ‘love it or hate it’ durian, we might place Thailand’s wonderful sort of fruits up against anyone else’s.

People and culture

Sabai (I feel chilled and relaxed) and Mai Pen Rai (don’t worry concerning it), square measure 2 phrases you’ll most likely learn terribly too soon throughout your keep in Thailand. you’ll conjointly most likely see first-hand the sociable, generous nature of Thai culture.

Any excuse for amusing and a touch of fun and most Thais can sometimes be game (unless they’re stuck within the infamous hour traffic in Bangkok).

Festivals to celebrate

Hand in hand with a sociable, fun-loving nature is that the chance for a celebration. In Thailand, festivals of varied sizes square measure control throughout the year in honor of all varieties of things.

Of course, Songkran – the world-famous water competition control each Apr – is that the pater of all of them, however, there square measure honestly festivals happening weekly somewhere in Thailand.

If you happen to search out yourself almost about a competition (a lot of native the better) whereas within the kingdom, do yourself a favor: go


Before I arrived in Thailand, I had ne’er had a knowledgeable massage. flip the clock forward many years and it’s currently a part of my weekly routine.

Thai massage is engrained within the culture and could be a good way to stay the body supple, mind relaxed and provides yourself a bit ‘me time’… and, they’re improbably cheap! starting from humble, street-side massage retailers to swank building spas, there’s a treatment to suit everybody in Thailand.

Services to public

Whether it’s a time of day snack, a raise to the retailers or a, kindly auntie to try and do your laundry, Thailand is most positively pioneering service industries on a neighborhood scale.

This can be notably true within the locales fashionable foreigners, like the capital of Thailand, Phuket and Chiang Mai. this sort of convenience may be wonderful to newcomers, however, is quickly taken for granted until you return to your home country for a while!


Thailand could be a low-cost country to travel in comparison to the bulk of tourer hotspots round the world. Food, attractions, transport and particularly accommodation provide real bang for your buck.

Take into account the actual fact that it’s potential to urge a high-end five-star building in Thailand for fewer than $100 an evening, and an inexpensive and cheerful house for tiny quite $10.

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